Strategic Advisory & Innovative Consulting

Are you looking for future oriented solutions and comprehensive advice in the areas of e-commerce, import & export of products of all kinds, wholesale, the organization of events & genealogy ? With many years of experience and our extensive network we can help you at any step of your venture.


Starting your own on- or offline business, importing, exporting and selling your goods or services all around the globe, doing wholesale and organizing events comes with a lot of rules, regulations and restrictions, which oftentimes can overwhelm you. We are here to help and guide you through this jungle so you can focus on the core aspects of your business. 


Global Logistics

We move goods all accross the globe since 2005. With a vast experience and impressive network of partners, we can provide you with custom tailored solutions. 


Starting your own online business can be big step into the unknown. We are here to help you so you don't get lost in all the rules and regulations you have to pay attention to within the European Union.  We also know how Amazon, Ebay & Co. works!

Wholesale & Distribution

Your products move with us.  We are here help you placing your products within the EU and especially Germany. We can connect you to wholesalers and work with you on setting up the distribution of your goods.

Event Organization

You have an idea for a great event or are planning one and need help with the concept, location finding, marketing and production ? We have been organizing events with 1000+ attendees since 2014 and are happy to help you with yours.

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